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For the great explorers of the past, navigation without a compass would have been unthinkable. Today, not only are we able to determine in which direction we’re headed, but we have a wealth of other useful information at our fingertips. From location co-ordinates, to weather conditions, terrain, traffic congestion, crime hotspots and toll roads, we’re able to plan our journeys down to the smallest details. But, unless you have the necessary ways and means of managing and interpreting this information overload, you will still be lost.

The same can be said for businesses, says Armandè Kruger, regional sales director at PBT Group.The business that has the correct information first and has the best ability to derive value from it and act on it will be the one that outperforms its rivals.” Kruger believes business owners with money to invest this year should be spending that extra cash on big data analytics.

A company’s data is one of its most important assets, and yet data management remains a headache for most, says Jason Barr, divisional manager of storage and availability at XON. With the exponential growth of data, IT departments often struggle to come up with an effective data management strategy, especially one that is secure, reliable and cost-effective. One of the key steps, notes Barr, is to avoid operating in silos because this hinders a business’ ability to create a holistic approach to management. Data management should ideally span from inception to expiration. The goal must be to close the gap between the business and IT systems, he continues.

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