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Job Title
DevOps & Quality Engineer
Employment Type
5 to 20 years
Job Published
04 October 2021
Job Reference No.

Job Description

PBT Group has an opportunity for a Senior DevOps & Quality Engineer


The purpose of this role is to lead activities pertaining to DevOps and Software Quality Engineering in the areas of analysis, design, implementation and system integration.


Initial 6-month contract with a possibility to extend. Work will be performed remotely, and collaboration session held through teams.



  1. Promoting, monitoring and ensuring utilisation of DevOps and Software testing toolchains
  • Engage with stakeholders to determine when new projects with development components kick-off. Ensure DevOps and Quality Engineering content is captured in the Product Definition Document (PDD).
  • Ensure developers/testers on the project are onboarded onto the correct DevOps and testing toolchains. This includes both external and citizen developers
  • Track and monitor toolchain use and adoption for reporting purposes
  1. Maintain and manage the execution of automated testing toolchain
  • Work closely with the portfolio Quality Engineer and Corporate Centre DevOps team to identify, evaluate and implement appropriate testing tools for the environment
  1. Build deployment pipelines in conjunction with development, platform, and core teams. Contribute to toolchain automation activities.
  2. Take part in DevOps and Quality engineering community of practices and help the chapter lead with the updates to the playbook for best practices
  • Coordinate with the chapter and community of practice to measure maturity of quality engineering and DevOps capability to identify areas of improvement
  1. Collaborate with business and internal teams to drive business improvement objectives and maintain alignment with IM strategy and the Group’s technology roadmap
  2. Prepare proposals to pitch the need for optimisation, upgrade, retirement, and/or replacement of relevant tools and technologies
  3. Perform ad-hoc peer review of the automated test assets being maintained by the Software Test Engineer (STE) to ascertain conformance to the process, governance, and the Envision to Deliver (E2D) product delivery framework
  4. Maintain the relevant scripts primarily used in transactions and projects
  5. Preserve DevOps practices and guarantee their translation into work activities to drive value on projects and transactions and communicate it to relevant stakeholders.
  6. Identify and remediate pain points in the application lifecycle.
  7. Manage a backlog of features, bugs, and technical debt to effectively address priorities.


Skills Required:

  • Awareness of DevOps, Software Quality Engineering and agile principles
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills, and the ability to work on multiple projects at the same time
  • Working knowledge of leading programming languages inclusive of low-code platforms such as K2 and Microsoft Power Platform
  • Experience maintaining and managing the execution of automated testing toolchains
  • Experience building and automating deployment pipelines
  • Working knowledge or familiarity with the following (or similar) tools:
  • Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code - Developer IDE
  • Azure DevOps GIT - Code repository
  • Visual Studio Build - for Build
  • WhiteSourceBolt - Vulnerability check for library used in Code
  • SonarQube - Code quality check
  • OWASP ZAP - Vulnerability check in web applications
  • AzSK (Azure DevOps Kit for Azure) - Secure DevOps Kit for Azure (Security Check)
  • Azure DevOps Test plans - for Testing
  • Application Insights - for Monitoring
  • Azure DevOps - Deployment


Qualifications/ Certification:

  • A degree in Computer Science / Information Systems / Business Administration / Commerce or equivalent