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Job Title
Quantitative Analyst
Employment Type
5 to 20 years
Job Published
23 September 2021
Job Reference No.

Job Description

Quantitative Analyst required to develop quantitative analytics products and models within a specified framework, and with minimal guidance, to translate business requirements into tangible, creative solutions. To optimise processes, recommend enhancements and inform strategic decisions through statistical modelling and data analysis that address business problems or opportunities.


  • Identify, control and escalate potential risks which may lead to increased costs.
  • Manage costs or expenses within approved budget to achieve cost efficiencies.
  • Deliver against operational and cost targets
  • Prioritise resource allocation in order to minimise and reduce wastage
  • Build and maintain relationships for the purposes of reciprocally managing expectations, sharing knowledge and diverse insights, and creating buy-in
  • Engage in cross-functional relationships in order to obtain and to provide work support
  • Drive customer service delivery goal achievement in line with predefined standards and in support of operational objectives.
  • Take all necessary actions to ensure compliance with relevant statutory, legislative, policy and governance requirements in area of accountability
  • Maintain expert knowledge on relevant legislative amendments, industry best practices and internal compliance procedures and requirements
  • Ensure compliance is adopted in terms of systems and procedures as laid out
  • Implement and provide input into the development of governance and compliance procedures and processes within area of specialisation and identify risks
  • Ensure optimal usage and protection of business assets
  • Plan and perform regular updates that capture evolving business complexity
  • Challenge current models
  • Address business problem and opportunities through robust underlying analytics
  • Build, test and assist with implementation of models and analytical solutions that improve business outcomes i.e. reduced risk and costs, increased profitability, optimised efficiency and to facilitate strategic decision-making
  • Translate business requirements into tangible solutions or models
  • Understand business value of projects/models/processes
  • Deliver within broad parametres
  • Extract and manipulate (or structure) data appropriately (20-30%)
  • Manage project dependencies
  • Document and audit models, projects and processes
  • Translate technical information to practical business information
  • Assist with implementation, where required
  • Review junior Quants Analyst processes and models
  • Conduct peer reviews
  • Assist with training, where required
  • Provide guidance and subject matter expertise
  • Identify effective activities to address own development gaps
  • Create own development plan and review plan with team leader or manager
  • Understand which competencies and skills are required to be mastered to ensure personal development and performance
  • Keep abreast of learning opportunities, changing products and trends
  • Participate and contribute to a development culture where information regarding successes, issues, trends and ideas are actively shared
  • Build and sustain collaborative working relationships with relevant peers and stakeholders in order to achieve productivity synergies
  • Participate in specialist communities of practice and contribute positively to own and organisational knowledge improvement


Analysis And Attention To Detail

The ability to be systematic and rule orientated in gathering, reviewing and evaluating

data from a variety of perspectives; includes the ability to work with precision and

highlight inconsistencies and inaccuracies in detailed information

Big Picture Thinking

The ability to integrate information from a variety of sources, discern complex

underlying relationships and predict patterns for future growth

Judgement And Decision-Making

The ability to make firm (and sometimes difficult) decisions fairly and compassionately

based on relevant facts, criteria and disciplined, logical thinking

Problem Solving

Cuts to the core of issues and applies effective analysis, logic and creativity to identify

and implement solutions

Persuasiveness / Selling Skills

Sells ideas / products /solutions, creating a transfer of enthusiasm that results in

others' accepting a point-of-view or taking a specific course of action.

Presentation And Facilitation

The capacity to use appropriate presentation and facilitation techniques to engage an

audience and help them to understand, retain and respond appropriately to the


Building Relationships

The capacity to put people at ease and build sound relationships based on mutual trust

and openness


The capacity to work co-operatively with others to achieve shared goals

Drive And Results Orientation

Is a self-starter and originator who maintains high levels of activity and produces a

consistently high quality output within agreed deadlines. Prompt and proactive in

driving for success and sets demanding goals for self and others

Resilience And Stress Management

Remains level -headed in situations of stress or pressure and persists in pursuing

goals despite obstacles and setbacks

Time And Self Management

Plans and manages own output, anticipating obstacles, juggling priorities and following

through on objectives within agreed time-frames


Advanced Analytical and Model Building Skills

Able to use data to solve business problems, able to data mine to find hidden insights.

  1. Strong technical and statistical model building, including scorecard and capital modeling
  2. Use of macro-economic and other drivers to build technical predictive models
  3. Quick to understand client/user requirement. Ability to provide ideas which may have a bearing on design early in the process
  4. Highly skilled in flow diagrams. Provide for all possible loops to make coding and numerical process easy
  5. Very experienced individual who demonstrates advanced level of numerical/statistical proficiency. Solution offers lots of features that provide for business policy rules and will be functional to client, (e.g. appropriately measure and quantify the degree of new business risk being written.)
  6. Ability to coordinate multiple projects and officially hand over end-product to client, providing the necessary demonstration and is able to answer complex questions relevant to the model
  7. High level evaluation of model/s. Assesses how different models best serve client requirements. Informed on model building best practice and provides thought leadership on model design