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Job Title
Senior ETL Developer
Employment Type
Full Time
3 to 8 years
Job Published
05 August 2022
Job Reference No.

Job Description

PBT Group has an opportunity for a Solid ETL Developer.



  • Plan and analyse complex business requirements and implement technology enabled solutions to address multi-discipline business opportunities/problems.
  • Conduct planning, analysis and design activities in conjunction with other development specialists.
  • Participate in analysis of complex business opportunities/problems to deliver designs meeting requirements.
  • Participate in estimation of tasks and assist in the development of project plans.
  • Code or makes modifications to programs of high complexity, according to specifications.
  • Conduct medium to high complexity evaluations for product releases, stand-alone products, etc.
  • Conduct walkthroughs and quality review of deliverables.
  • Knowledge of design and developing end-to-end data acquisition processes to be used in population of data warehouse/data marts and/or in the creation of interfaces.
  • Provide guidance and mentoring on business intelligence technology and systems in general, especially in the area of ETL processes.
  • Participate in the formulation of standards to support the data acquisition development process.
  • Design, develop and execute complex data acquisition or interface routines using ETL tool, ensuring that business and technical requirements are met.
  • Ensure compliance with established policies, standards and methodologies.



Required Skills:

  • Intimate knowledge of source systems as well as a basic understanding of dimensional models.
  • Conventional database- and data warehouse modeling skills, in order to understand the data warehouse data models.
  • A sound knowledge of the programming language used to write the data staging programs or ETL tool.
  • A sound knowledge of SQL, or the language used to access the source databases and the data warehouse from the data staging programs or ETL tool.
  • A sound knowledge of the capabilities of the ETL tools, to know what their capabilities and shortcomings are – in order to exploit or avoid those aspects in the data staging programs.
  • Pride of work, thoroughness and attention to detail.
  • Cloud experience would be beneficial


Required Qualifications / Training:

  • Course on the ETL / related toolset.
  • Relevant data warehouse and BI solution training is essential.
  • Sc. or related degree is advantageous.
  • 2+ years programming experience.