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Job Title
IT & Financial Process Engineer
Employment Type
Full Time
5 to 15 years
Job Published
03 November 2021
Job Reference No.

Job Description

PBT Group has an opportunity for a Process Engineer with 3 to 5 years relevant experience. The Process Engineer will be responsible for creating and executing process improvement opportunities within the business in support of business and process owners.


The Process Engineer is responsible for eliciting the "as-is" process and assessing the impact of changes to people, process & technology. The incumbent is responsible for designing the "to-be" process taking into consideration the process and business performance measures. The incumbent assists the relevant stakeholders with designing a robust and efficient business process ensuring the correct use of technology within the organization.



  • Contributes to cost efficiencies and productivity
    • Demonstrates cost consciousness and awareness of personal contribution to costs

and productivity.

  • Identifies and escalates potential risks that may lead to increased costs.
  • Prevents wastage and identifies process improvements to contain and reduce costs and increase productivity.
  • Creates solutions to meet customer demands
    • Reviews, improves and implements customer service solutions in line with company policies, shared values and Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) outcomes.
    • Communicates how the customer service solution will be implemented and secures buy-in.
    • Builds customer trust and loyalty.
    • Resolves customer dissatisfaction/complaints and takes ownership of the problem.
  • Creates and Maintains Process Performance Metrics for business solutions
    • Creates a process performance baseline for the business which forms the basis for creating performance opportunities.
    • Monitors and measures metrics to ensure they are relevant and aligned to the business performance in terms of cost, revenue, Return on equity, etc.
  • Designs process solutions to fit business needs
    • Designs and presents multiple solutions or concepts according to business requirements.
    • Identifies and optimises common processes across the enterprise and at group level.
  • Ensures continuous process improvement to enable effective operational processes
    • Implements business processes according to benchmarks and the Shared Values.
    • Reviews and reports on the performance of business processes.
    • Analyses the internal service delivery processes and comes up with innovative ideas and/or participates in working groups to improve and streamline processes, increase revenue, drive efficiencies and minimise redundancy and waste.
    • Monitors and controls the quality of business processes in terms of defined standards.
  • Ensures operational excellence through the delivery of work processes according to defined quality standards
    • Works with enhanced processes and procedures to maintain operational efficiencies.
    • Ensures that quality standards are adhered to.
    • Adheres to Company policies and procedures.
    • Maintains accurate activity reports.
  • Ensures that all processes comply with regulatory requirements
    • Ensures that all processes reflect regulatory and operational risk mitigation in support of business Risk and Audit department.
  • Participates in planned activities that are appropriate for own development
    • Understands which competencies and skills are required for own development and performance.
    • Identifies development needs and selects effective solutions to address them.
    • Ensures personal development plans are developed, implemented and regularly reviewed.
  • Promotes teamwork and Inclusivity
    • Promotes teamwork and inclusivity amongst team members and demonstrates behaviors that respect diversity.
    • Partners and collaborates with team members to achieve team success.
    • Shares information and knowledge that benefits the team.



  • Three to five years’ experience in relevant field
  • Demonstrates broad and in-depth knowledge of general business functions, organisation structures, strategy and business change drivers and effectively uses networks/relationships to influence work outcomes and decisions to facilitate decision making. Understands business architecture and can assess capability gaps by identifying and defining business needs
  • Effectively facilitates idea generation and works with stakeholders to identify alternative solutions. Is skilled at accurately assessing the organisations readiness for proposed approach and facilitates the effective review of options
  • Accurately conceptualizes recommended solutions and enables stakeholders to understand new capabilities, scope of solution, implementation approach. Accurately defines dependencies, constraints and assumptions (technical or business) of the solution scope
  • Effectively presents the information needed to facilitate a decision to invest and move forward with the proposed solution
  • Analysis And Attention to Detail - The ability to be systematic and rule orientated in gathering, reviewing and evaluating data from a variety of perspectives; includes the ability to work with precision and highlight inconsistencies and inaccuracies in detailed information
  • Conceptual / Big Picture Thinking - The ability to integrate information from a variety of sources, discern complex underlying relationships and predict patterns for future growth
  • Problem Solving - Cuts to the core of issues and applies effective analysis, logic and creativity to identify and implement solutions
  • Strategic Thinking - Applies long-term, systemic thinking, utilising factual analysis, intuition and creativity to imagine new and different futures for the business area / organisation
  • Tolerance Of Ambiguity - Achieves results in an environment that is continually shifting and where there may be few precedents or structures to guide task execution
  • Influencing And Impact (inc. Negotiation) - The capacity to create appropriate levels of impact by using verbal and non-verbal communication skills to influence and/or negotiate win-win agreements to proposals, plans or ideas
  • Presentation And Facilitation - The capacity to use appropriate presentation and facilitation techniques to engage an audience and help them to understand, retain and respond appropriately to the message
  • Business Insight and Risk Awareness - Utilises relevant economic, financial and industry data to assess business performance and make recommendations to ensure growth, viability and competitive advantage within sensible risk parameters
  • Organisational Awareness - Understands organisational systems, structures, policies and procedures and can navigate changing dynamics and power relationships
  • Process And Technological Competence - Utilises, identifies, enhances and leverages processes and technologies to meet business needs
  • Teamwork - The capacity to work co-operatively with others to achieve shared goals
  • Drive And Results Orientation - Is a self-starter and originator who maintains high levels of activity and produces a consistently high-quality output within agreed deadlines. Prompt and proactive in driving for success and sets demanding goals for self and others


Qualifications/ Certification:

  • Min Bachelor's Degree /Postgraduate Diploma / Advanced Diploma
  • Preferred: Bachelor of Science Engineering or Informatics or equivalent qualification.