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Social media mining: Critical to CX management in the digital age

Julian Thomas, Principle Consultant at PBT Group As markets become increasingly globalised, saturated and competitive in the digital age, great focus is being placed on the customer experience (CX). And, in periods of subdued or stagnant economic growth, such as South Africa is experiencing, people slow down on their spending and as a result, it becomes harder to attract new customers. Therefore, significant emphasis is focused on reselling, upgrading, etc. existing customers. However, there is only so...

Understanding data lakes

Jessie Rudd, Technical Business Analyst at PBT Group Even though data warehouses and data lakes are considered large [data] storage repositories, this is where the similarities stop. While the latter offers significant business opportunities, not many organisations understand how to effectively unlock its potential. A data lake is unstructured data that comes direct from the source. The data structures and requirements are not defined in any way until the data is needed. By its nature, it is...


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