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  • Data storage in the cloud – is South African business ready? ee Publishers

    Are businesses in South Africa ready for storing their data in the cloud?   It is actually a redundant question, as in several recent security surveys respondents were asked if they would share sensitive company information in dropbox. The overwhelming response was yes!   While that indicates that the use of storage in the cloud is more pervasive than what is generally thought, it raises a number of other questions.

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  • Big data, BI provide greater customer insights, ITWeb

    The business intelligence (BI) market is changing at a rapid speed, and organisations of all sizes need to revamp their data management environments foragility, flexibility, and responsiveness to address ever-changing customer expectations.

    This is according to Donald Farmer, vice-president of innovation and design at Qlik, who notes there are real opportunities for business to take advantage of big data. But most IT departments don’t yet have the skills or the time to implement new infrastructures while struggling to maintain their existing workload.

    Using data more intelligently is becoming all-encompassing for organisations, says Armandè Kruger, regional sales director at PBT Group. Determining buying patterns, maintaining stock levels, detecting fraud, helping manage incentive programmes, and even managing customers better requires data and the analytical systems to derive practical BI from it, he adds.

    Kruger says businesses should tap into BI and big data technologies for greater customer insights.

    Businesses should investigate new data discovery tools, predictive and text analytics, and geospatial technologies, says Kruger.

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