The data specialist

PBT Group takes ownership of your challenges – transforming your data into a tangible asset that will greatly assist in streamlining your operations as well as your predictive and analytical capabilities.

Meet PBT Group

With in-depth knowledge of business intelligence solutions and experience that spans more than two decades in over 25 countries, PBT Group has honed its expertise through engagement with most of the top 100 companies, answering to diverse needs to give clients not only a competitive edge, but also a sustainable advantage.

A responsible business

BEE compliant

The PBT Group companies are all BEE compliant in terms of the South African government’s ICT charter. For details, please view the various subsidiaries’ BEE certificates here:

Corporate social responsibility

PBT Group realises the importance of supporting South Africa’s communities. Our contribution to their development and the betterment of people’s lives include:

  • Feeding programmes in conjunction with Siloam Ministries in Atlantis
  • Ongoing support towards the running of West Coast Winners Playschool in Atlantis
  • Year-round backing of The Prescient Foundation, a non-profit organisation focusing on lifestyle improvement of previously disadvantaged beneficiaries through providing services, funds, assets and other resources

Training and skills development

As a responsible corporate citizen, PBT Group is actively involved in nurturing a healthy economy by supporting development where it is most needed – our youth.

We annually run an internship programme that assists candidates from previously disadvantaged groups to pursue careers in BI and related sectors. As part of the programme, the candidates get exposed to PBT methodologies, receive technical training and are allocated a mentor for the full duration and beyond.

A unique approach to BI solutions

PBT Group has optimised its delivery successes by having an integrated skills base supported by specialised subsidiary companies and divisions. This enhances the company’s ability to provide end-to-end solutions to valued clients, giving them the benefit of a comprehensive service platform.


To be the preferred information management and business insight solution provider to a global client base through strong partnerships, innovation and domain expertise.


To ensure the long-term success of large business clients through the effective organisation, interpretation and publishing of company intelligence.


  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Ethics
  • Trust

Subsidiaries and divisions

Past and present

PBT Group was founded as Prescient Business Technologies in 1998, starting out as an information technology company. In 2000, PBT was established as a specialised BI company with data transformation as a focus area, providing integrated business intelligence solutions to a wide range of industries, including finance, insurance, telecommunications, retail, petroleum and medical healthcare.

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Following developments in the company structure, and with the acquisition of a SAS entity and PBTit, Prescient Business Technologies was renamed to PBT Group. In 2004, PBT Group extended its Cape Town and Johannesburg presence in South Africa to Melbourne, Australia, officially establishing a Melbourne-based offering in 2008.

The group’s ongoing growth strategy lead to the acquirement of three specialist technology-focused companies – BI-Blue Consulting, CyberPro Consulting and TBIS. It is part of PBT Group’s continuously evolving approach to meeting the changing needs of clients within the sphere of technological advancement.

With a global client base that includes prominent companies in major industry sectors, PBT Group is proudly listed on the JSE.