Company Structure


Prescient Limited is made up of two main operation segments – a Financial Services arm and an Information Management Services arm operating as PBT Group.  This benefits shareholders as the two businesses contribute to the diversity of the Group in terms of geography, assets, markets, revenue sources, skills and experience.


We have operated alongside one another since 1998 and were brought together when Prescient Limited listed on the JSE on 20 August 2012 through a reverse acquisition of Prescient Business Technologies (PBT).  Both our businesses demand a high level of intellectual capital while requiring low levels of financial capital, which is advantageous for individuals investing the company.


Prescient has a long-standing loyal client base in both segments and a robust business structure to facilitate continued growth. Today, Prescient Limited is a multinational business whose operations span sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia.


Prescient started as an investment management and information technology business in 1998.  Our financial services operations have evolved to include fund administration, stockbroking, wealth management and retail and institutional investment linked life products.


The information technology business has developed to provide information management and business intelligence consulting, application development and data integration solutions.