Advanced analytics

From data to actions

Why advanced analytics?

We refer to advanced analytics as the way to unlock the hidden value in your data. Our approach to analytics enables companies to discover patterns in data, giving them the tools to develop and employ relevant and flexible strategies that streamline business processes. In addition to improved efficiency, companies benefit by uncovering new opportunities and revenue streams, ultimately gaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

The benefit of our cutting-edge analytics approach over “off-the-shelf analytical tools” is the generation of predictive knowledge, not limited to today’s or yesterday’s views, but venturing into the future – a key aspect for business success.

Having the insight to what will happen in a few days, weeks or even years from now can distinguish one successful organisation from the next.

How it’s done

Advanced analytics encompasses statistical analysis, data mining and the mastering of complex algorithms to aid enterprise decision management by providing insight into marketing analytics. This includes segmentation and predictive science, including churn, attrition and cross-selling, strategy science, credit risk analysis and fraud analytics.

Why you need a pro

Deriving real business value from advanced analytics requires true expertise with a unique project approach, a good understanding of the source data, experience with a complex tool and the ability to transform output variables into business-usable, but more importantly, business-valuable output – which is exactly what we aim to provide.

The key to PBT Group’s success is our integrated approach. This is not limited to the IT field, but encompasses a deep understanding of the overall business, including the business drivers and the business strategies that need to be supported to generate a true return on investment.